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Tomorrow is my interview for naturalization as a U.S. citizen, along with the testing of my literacy in English and my knowledge of American history and government.

It’s been a long road to get here (Interstate 90, actually, back and forth to Buffalo a gazillion times) and for a long time I wasn’t going to bother going any further than the green card. And yet, here I am preparing.

The stack of paperwork I am bringing with me for their perusal is, I shit you not, over half an inch high.

It’s a little strange – I know the test material probably just as well as the interviewer will, and yet I’m actually getting a little nervous about this. I really shouldn’t, though, since they will pick 10 out of these 100 questions (all of which I have the answer sheet to on my desk right now) and I will need to get 6 of them right.

This should be my last trip to Buffalo, at least for this purpose. I will still need to go through the ceremony and swear an oath of citizenship, pledge allegiance to the flag and so on, but that can be done locally.

So yeah. I’m almost an American.

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