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Free Verse Friday: America

I’m borrowing the tradition of Free Verse Friday from francoBeans at the Change I Wish to See. I may or may not manage it every Friday, but we’ll see. As far as some of the other traditions out there, I haven’t yet come up with anything for TMI Thursday, and I would do Wordless Wednesday except I. Just . Can’t.

So yeah. A few lines inspired by this week’s happenings.


America sounds
like echoes in the Grand Canyon
like the roar of rocket launches
like a lingering idea of liberty

America smells
like Georgia peaches and Oregon roses
like city cars and country farms
like unpacking something new

America looks
like a welcoming New York statue
like red Arizona rocks and white Colorado snows
and blue notes ringing from New Orleans guitars

America tastes
like the salt air of the Keys
like slow cooked Texas chili
like the thrill of victory and the pain of war

America feels
like the smack! of ball in glove
like the warmth of new-baked apple pie
like a new home – where I already live.

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OK, blogosphere. This is where you can help me out. Because for all of Pandora’s excellence, you guys are probably better. And to anyone who’s browsing in from AlphaInventions, please stop in and let me know your thoughts too.

I have recently been lamenting something of a gap in our iTunes library, which prompted me to mention to D recently that “we don’t have any music”. Because the ~11,500 songs we have now just aren’t cutting it.


I need a commuting soundtrack – songs that are melodic enough to be worth singing along to and also have a solid, pounding beat. A few examples:

  • Arctic Monkeys – I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
  • We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt
  • the Futureheads – Skip To The End
  • OK Go – Here It Goes Again
  • Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby
  • Guster – The New Underground
  • Manic Street Preachers – Black Holes for the Young

While this list is predominantly British, that’s not necessarily a requirement.

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