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America Can Do Better

What the hell is the deal with Megan Fox?

She’s currently on the cover of Rolling Stone, where she is being called “America’s Sexiest Bad Girl”.

I’m assuming that the look on her face there is an attempt at ‘sultry’. I can only hope I’m not the only one who thinks she just looks like she’s squinting, possibly through a not-entirely-unintoxicated haze.

Also? Somebody get this woman a fucking sandwich.

I have yet to give enough of a damn about any of the movies she has been in to bother going to see one, but the few clips and trailers I’ve seen suggest that she is at best a mediocre actress – and it appears that her co-stars and directors have spoken of her intellect in less than glowing terms as well.

So she’s 0 for 3 on the beauty-brains-talent scorecard. Much like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, whose appeal I have never understood either.

If this is the best America can come up with for a ‘sexiest bad girl’, America isn’t trying hard enough.

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I want to believe.

Not necessarily in aliens or spirits or the Loch Ness Monster (at least not specifically) – but there is an awful lot of stuff out there that defies explanation. The planet’s weirdostat is set pretty high.

This image is one of the Ica Stones – a collection of well over a thousand stones, estimated to be between 500 and 1500 years old, with a variety of indigenous carvings. This one, you might notice, depicts a person riding a triceratops.

Most people will look at something like this and shrug it off as a hoax. And perhaps it is. But what of the Phaistos Disc? the Lid of Palenque? the Baghdad Battery? the Dropa Stones? The Antikythera Mechanism? The gazillions of other oddities and phenomena which sound like Robert Ludlum book titles?

Can they really ALL be hoaxes?

Isn’t there, perhaps, some small chance that maybe we’re WRONG about some of our assertions? Maybe our ‘facts’ aren’t as solid as we think they are when it comes to radioisotope dating*, geological strata, ice core sampling, or even the timing of evolutionary phases.

I’m not suggesting that people ever rode around on triceratops. That strikes me as a very good way to find oneself impaled on horns. At the very least, though, perhaps it means that someone in South America knew about dinosaurs before Westerners began digging them up in the 1850s. Similarly, the Baghdad Battery most certainly suggests that there were people 2500 years ago with some knowledge of electricity. We have pretty much accepted at this point that our ancient forebears had a surprising fluency in mathematics and astronomy – perhaps it’s time we gave a little more and began to seriously look into what else we might have forgotten.

History may be holding onto some seriously cool shit just waiting to be re-discovered.

Also? Perhaps there’s something to the aliens, spirits and/or Nessie as well.

* ‘Radioisotope dating’… if you show me uranium, I’ll show you mine?

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Hi there, blogosphere! Long time no see!

For those of you not keeping up with D’s blog or keeping in touch by other means, we are now in Florida (state name: the Alligators With Mickey Mouse Ears State) – specifically, Fort Myers.

There are more palm trees down here than you can shake a stick at, unless you have a great deal of time and an extraordinarily patient stick.

Sun, beaches and other such things also abound.

There are worse ways to spend one’s time. That said, now that we’re starting to find a rhythm here, I fully intend to get back to more regular blogging, as well as writing, genealogy and music. Of course, the job hunt still has to take precedence over a lot of that, but hey. I’m back.

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