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I hear you’re feeling very disillusioned with President Obama lately.

Allow me to remind you of a few notable accomplishments:

  1. Passed credit card reform.
  2. Passed Wall Street reform.
  3. Passed health care reform.
  4. Repealed DADT, and is dismantling DOMA.
  5. Ended the Iraq war.
  6. Restored the standing of the United States with allies Bush alienated.
  7.  Passed a stimulus package which almost certainly prevented a second Great Depression.
  8.  Got Osama bin Laden.

And all of this in the face of an ineffectual Senate majority (Dem) and obstructionist House majority (GOP), and laboring under an economy wrecked by eight years of Bushism.

Many of the Presidents in our history books would would have been lauded as heroes had they accomplished this much in eight years, and Obama has done so in three. And here you are saying it’s not enough.

There is still a lot of work to do, and a lot about the nation which could be improved. But for crying out loud, let the man do his job. You supposed “progressives” are whinier than John Boehner, and your inability to take the long view is becoming almost as obnoxious as Rush Limbaugh.

I still believe in Yes We Can… because we have.

I still believe in Yes We Can… because we still can.

I will be voting for Obama in 2012… because if I stay home the way many of you are talking about doing, I will not delude myself into thinking I am making a statement, and will richly deserve President Gingrich, President Santorum or President Romney.

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Dear Sirs,


Now that the only one of you with any decency has departed the race, I feel compelled to make the following assertions to you:

  • I will support keeping government out of our boardrooms the day you support keeping it out of our bedrooms.
  • I will believe in corporate personhood the day you make corporations subject to all the restrictions and penalties imposed by law as well as the benefits conferred by it – up to and including the death penalty. Speaking of which…
  •  I will believe that you are pro-life the day you vote to repeal not only Roe v. Wade, but also the death penalty and the Second Amendment. I will believe you are pro-life when you stop trying to gut the EPA and start trying to gut Halliburton Corp. I will believe you are pro-life when you stop saying “Kill America’s enemies” like a brainwashed jihadi.
  • I will believe you are pro-family the day you do something which benefits all America’s families rather than merely the ones you personally find acceptable.
  • I will believe that you are protecting the institution of marriage when a committed couple of 30 years can finally get married for love but Kim Kardashian can’t do it to get a headline.
  • I will believe that you support the free market when you stop rigging it in favor of your campaign donors.
  • I will believe that you want to rein in government spending when the Department Of Defense has to publicly disclose all of its accounting.
  • I will believe that you are in favor of individuals’ freedom when you begin to not only respect but insist upon the separation of church and state.
  • I will believe that your party is worthy of governing when it is no longer (by its own admission!) prioritizing defeating the opposition over bettering the lives of Americans.
  • Last but by no means least, I will consider voting for you when you stop telling me what’s bad about the other guy and start telling me what’s good about you – assuming there’s anything to tell.

President Obama is far from perfect, but as things currently stand, he is still head and shoulders above all of you.

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