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So now that I’ve had more time to digest all this…

We’re never going to get rid of guns in this country, not within my lifetime at least. Even if we ban new ones completely, the number of guns still extant runs to nine digits. So maybe something like this:

1. Design a mechanism to be built into the design of a gun which remotely disables its firing mechanism in areas where a “gun free area” transponder signal is being received, unless the gun is assigned to law enforcement personnel. This would not be a technological stretch for us.

2. Mandate the inclusion of this system on all new guns manufactured in or imported into the USA.

3. Set up the transponders in designated areas such as schools, malls etc. – preferably paid for via a surcharge on the cost of obtaining a gun license.

4. Provide a tax incentive for citizens who turn in old firearms in exchange for ones equipped with the above system.

5. Print serial numbers on ammunition and keep records of which numbers are purchased where and by whom in a centralized law enforcement database. If I have to show my ID and sign my name to buy cold medicine, we can damn well do it for bullets.

This would create jobs, keep us all safer, let people keep their guns in their homes for safety and allow the NRA to keep doing their hunting in areas where it’s permitted.

Maybe there are other problems with this, and I’m willing to discuss them, but surely something like this is a good start?

Your move, Congress.

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