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Choosing Joy

Stepped out my front door, and was briefly disgruntled to find that it is raining.

This was quickly followed by the joyful realization that for the first time all winter it’s actually warm enough to rain.

I could choose to be disgruntled that it’s finally warmed up this much and is raining instead, but I won’t. I’ll choose the joy.

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A writing prompt which I saw today said “write a haiku that solves a crime.”

I’d be interested to see what you all could come up with for that in the comments here… my own offering:

Drugged alphabet soup!
Testing lab found traces of
GHB and E.

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Cooking With Garlic

Oliver’s Kitchen Tips, episode #17:

Perhaps, like me, you really hate peeling garlic. All that crinkly papery crap to mess with. Getting it under your fingernails, or worrying about whether there’s still a sliver of it left on there once you start to cook.

Worry not, viewers, there is an easier way. And you don’t even need an expensive kitchen gadget.

First, find a clean, flat surface a comfortable distance away from children, pets, stemware and other breakables. Then, take three steps back from it and put the clove of garlic in your dominant hand.

Wind up and fling that sucker into the flat surface. BAM! – it just pops out neatly.

Thanks for watching. See you next time!

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