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I refuse to give in to the hate which has been rearing its ugly head too often in today’s America.

Let’s not kid ourselves that Charlottesville happened in isolation. Charlottesville is merely the latest in a long string of incidents, a string which has seen big white hoods replaced with little red made-in-China Make-America-Great-Again hats but has otherwise changed very little.

And when these incidents happen, White America shakes its head and says “never again!” And then sits back down in front of Keeping Up With The fucking Kardashians. And strangely, the ‘never again’ somehow fails to work.

This is a particularly dangerous time; our last president gave a face and a name to the idea that the racists and bigots fear and hate the most, and our current president has given that hate and fear an outlet.

I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch this kind of behavior be condoned, enabled, encouraged. I will not support the passing of laws which divide us against ourselves, which are injurious to people’s basic human rights, nor will I follow those laws if they are passed. I will continue to speak out, continue to oppose, continue to resist.

And you’re going to have to put a bullet in my head to stop me.

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