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Nine More Minutes

(with apologies to Scotty McCreery)

At six o’clock my alarm went off and got me out of bed
I stood up, took a look around, and in my mind I said
“My bed is warm and comfortable, I think I’ll get back in it
for Nine More Minutes’

At 6:09 it went off again, still couldn’t quite get up
Not ready to answer the call of my coffee cup
Rolled over, hit snooze again, cause I ain’t quite finished
I just need Nine More Minutes

Morning comes and time keeps going
My to-do list keeps on growing
Take the trash out, get the kid to school,
Yeah the stuff just keeps on piling
Right on up like it ain’t nothing
But I’ve got me a snooze button
Mornings like this, you know I’m gonna hit it
And give myself Nine More Minutes

At 6:18 it went off again, and much to my surprise
I’m running late, don’t have time to shave, just shower and dress and drive
Hope I can still get to work by the time I’m supposed to be in at
Wish I had Nine More Minutes…

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