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Just so that we’re all still aware… yes, the separation of families at the border is a Thing, and a horrible one.

But while we are justifiably outraged at this, let’s not forget, as I’m sure certain parties would like us to, that repeated violations of the Emoluments Clause are also still a Thing. Condoning Nazis in Charlottesville was a Thing. Destructive tax ‘reforms’ became a Thing. The fallout from Stormy Daniels is still a Thing. Alienation of allies in pursuit of relations with dictatorial regimes is still a Thing. Improper contact, and quite possibly outright collusion, with the Russians, is still a Thing.

And there are plenty more Things, feel free to add some in the comments.

Let’s remember all of this, and make the midterms a Thing.

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Dear Mr. Attorney General,

Religion is supposed to be a beautiful thing, not a bludgeon to take to your perceived enemies. And I’m pretty sure that St. Paul didn’t intend for you to see little dark-skinned children as your enemies.

What you’re doing has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with racism and xenophobia. And I can’t help but notice that your boss received campaign contributions from the operators of the prisons into which you have put these kids, and that your own investment portfolio also contains stocks in that company.

We’re not idiots.

I would follow Samantha Bee’s lead and call you a cunt, but you appear to lack both the warmth and the depth.

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The loss of Kate Spade is a tragedy. The loss of Anthony Bourdain is also a tragedy.

But let’s not forget that, statistically, 840 other (non-celebrity) Americans will also commit suicide this week, and those are also tragedies.

We have to start doing a better job of ending the stigma surrounding mental health, stop telling depressed people that they just need to cheer up and change their attitude, and treat conditions like this as the legitimate health concerns that they are – including encouraging people to seek treatment.

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I really thought this was going to be the year when I would look at the announced squads and face the despairing realization that all 736 players at the World Cup were younger than me.

A big thank you to Egyptian goalkeeper Essam El Hadary for single-handedly giving me four more years.

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