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Happy New Year

We all have things we hope for in 2019, and lessons learned and yet to learn from 2018.

Many of these are private, held in our hearts, shared only with a select few – but I hope that your hopes bear fruit and your lessons come with as little pain as possible.

My hope for you all this year is that you are finally able to create the things you have yearned to create, learn the things you have wanted to learn, find (or recommit to) the person you have hoped to find, and above all be the person you have needed to be.

Let this be a year of art, of music, of laughter, of forgiveness, of friendship. Let this be a year of strength, of self-actualization, of beauty, of giving, of helping. Let this be a year of dreams, of hopes, of steps forward, of compassion, of good health. Let this be a year of courage, of determination, of knowledge, of sharing, of wonder.

Let this be a year of love.

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